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The Mission

Child abuse

325 cases reported of children victims of sexual abuse.  We do everything we can to find out the cases of abuse and push them to report to the authorities.  We support children who have been abused by also providing psychological help.  We commit ourselves daily to children.  We would like to do much more.  To make this possible we need your help.  We invite people who decide to help us financially to leave their contact details in order to inform them about what they have made possible and the children who have helped. 


To date 43 % of children live in poverty and 14 % in extreme poverty.  39,9 % of children live only with their mother.  5,8 % of children live only with their father.  17 % of children live without father and mother.  3 % of children suffer from acute malnutrition and 11,8 % from chronic malnutrition.  6,3 % of children are excluded from the education system. 

Serious illness

Most of the children die from lack of economic resources, health shortages, poor controls and other various problems.  Children suffer from various diseases, cysticercoses, infections, problems with internal organs and cancer.  We would like to be able to change the future of these children starting from their present.  We use our funds to pay for their medical visits, medications, surgical operations, trips abroad for more complicated surgical operations and subsequent medical visit.  We try to support them economically also for the purchase of food.

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